The Loathsome Game Repository


This is where I keep various pieces of digital entertainment I have made. Most of it is either nonsensical or stream-related, so if you have no idea what is going on that is entirely my fault.


~Memories Off~ Pat Cooper Begins
Pat Cooper was created when a veteran viewer decided to combine the visages of Pat Riley and Winnie Cooper after 8-bit representations of both had appeared on the stream. Pat took on a life of his/her own and in my great folly I promised to make a game based around him/her.

When other work got in the way of the main project, I decided to put together a prequel of sorts that describes the events leading up to the feature game. The result is an intensely creepy yet humorous visual novel that has been described by one player as “the weirdest thing I have ever experienced”. Pat Cooper Begins was made using Ren’Py.

  • Two possible paths with multiple choices!
  • Beautiful (stolen) art assets!
  • Unlockable passwords for the upcoming game!


Download Links
Pat Cooper Begins – Win x86 Version
Pat Cooper Begins – Linux Version



NesLover’s Lament
This Flash game was put together to celebrate stream viewer NesLover’s birthday on May 19th 2012. The original plan was to use NesLover as the name of the main character in an Amiga RPG planned for the stream, but when that fell through I figured I would make a birthday celebration video instead. Suffice to say that never materialised either.

It was already morning on May 21st when I sat down and decided that I had to put something together as promised. Three hours later, this game was made available to the world! NesLover’s Lament was made using Flash Professional CS5.

  • Intense mouse-clicking gameplay!
  • Rocking (stolen) soundtrack!
  • True-to-life Youtube-style comments!


Download Links
SWF File