The Ever-Present


Arthur's avatarArthur D Wolfe
The host himself, always present for every stream. Easily identified by his peculiar accent and complete inability to play any game made before 1995. Has a bad habit of clicking his tongue before beginning a sentence and will never fail to impress with his ability to suck at any sports game ever made.

The Regular Suspects


Shining Finger's avatarShining Finger
Hailing from the lands of tulips and windmills, Shining Finger’s favourite mecha is the Nether Gundam. Usually on the quiet side, Shining likes to read up on and even play the games Arthur is planning on streaming so that he can provide tips and strategies during the stream.

Samurai Foochs' avatarSamurai Foochs
Born with cerebral palsy, Foochs decided that he would not let something like that keep him from being awesome. Usually takes on the straight man role whenever Arthur goes off the deep end, but is not ashamed to join in the laughter when something goes horribly wrong (or right, as the case may be).

Avatar for those without oneBuddyGripple
An Illinois gentleman with a musical bent, BuddyGripple is the guest that is always there when you need him. In addition to his splendid co-commentary track record he also wrote and performed the official Your Dad theme song.

Avatar for those without oneLurkcopter
Soft-spoken yet serious-minded, Lurkcopter is a Belgian who knows his way around all of life’s important things: Gundam, Touhou, the Sengoku era, and various other Japanese media. A favoured co-op partner no matter the game, he excels in the role of letting people know when they are being dicks. Friends with Geist.

Geist's avatarGeist Heller
Sworn to pester Arthur until their last day shared on Earth, Geist is the most French person. Yes, the most. Easily recognised by is heavy accent and love for “scouting ahead” during any multiplayer game, he never admits error. Friends with Lurkcopter.

Avatar for those without oneRavSer
When you hear the sound of dog’s claws skittering across a wooden floor, RavSer is in the call. Warm and reserved in equal measure, he spends a lot of time pondering and chooses his comments with care – even though this sometimes backfires, as by the time he is done pondering the comment might have changed in nature.

JMolen's AvatarJMolen
A man of science and SCIENCE! in equal measure, Molen is another representative of the Netherlands that has decided to join the ranks of regulars. Shares Arthur’s like for seeing games break horribly under load and frequently signs up for multiplayer shenanigans.

Avatar for those without oneBlodgrevling
Like any Norwegian of note, Blodgrevling has a history in pro wrestling and metal music. Fond of simulator-style games, he is often left quite despondent during multiplayer sessions since everyone else spends most of their time just yukking it up. Responsible for the gummy hippo plague of 2013.


Legends of the Past


Sudden Javelin's avatar Sudden Javelin
The very first guest on Arthur’s stream and an unwilling victim ever since. Gets along so well with Arthur that their conversations tend to consist of nothing but insults and ridicule. Known to be a gremlin of sorts, Javelin has famously been accompanied by technical difficulties every time he has appeared with one single exception.

Avatar for those without oneDomus
Also known as “The Lady” due to her unique gift of two X chromosomes, Domus is a cool gal that spends her days repairing and maintaining pinball tables. Happily married to ALF of sitcom fame, she is often joined by her cats on the stream.

Ben Kasack's avatarBen Kasack
Always accompanied by some sort of background noise, Ben has a habit of raising his voice when excited… which is often. Usually ready with a quip or observation whenever Arthur starts losing steam.

Cyalpha's avatarCyalpha
An Ohio native with a talent to annoy those around him, Cyalpha loves streams. He loves them so much he wants to be on every one. Arthur makes a point of denying him a spot more often than not.

Avatar for those without oneDotai
A mysterious youngster from the Pacific Northwest, Dotai was advised by family members not to appear on the stream. Defying them in the only way he knew how, he read the biography of Nathan Bedford Forrest while Arthur played a game about magical horses.