The YouTube community is infamous for its comments, small pieces of literature that make your love for mankind sputter and die. From time to time however you strike comedy gold. This page is for those precious nuggets of pure internet that confuse and amuse in equal amount.

All comments are unedited and attributed to the username that provided them.

Right, get ur ideas straight dear.i meant what the actual fuck. which is quite obvious why at the end if u fucking look. and im not getting offended I just think that you have to GET USED TO HAVING HATERS YOU IDIOT and so what if im thirteen?
– Celly Rivers, having a bit of a meltdown after this exchange

Shut the fuck! I played this game as a kid, my first actually. You can’t come by and say “one doesn’t feel motivated to play it”, you stupid and old fat prick. I can remember all the awesome and fun afternoons playing it with my family. Also, it’s a katchup gun, biatch.
– Suzaku Aku Aku, defending a McDonald’s advertisement as his defining childhood game

wow you’re a fucking piece of shit it says CARTOON but it shows a fucking video game, i hope cancer gets you and you know what? it probably will, that’s what makes me so happy right now.
– allenamenfutsch, after viewing a video in the Top 20 Saturday Morning Cartoon Games playlist

Just because you suck at the game doesnt make it bad 😛 learn how to play games lol
– GlitterOutlaw, in regards to the first level of Back to the Future III, legendary for its difficulty

how stupid can you two be??? the loader is ARTICULATED, that’s how they ALL turn. Its a mining and tunneling simulator… if it was quicker and easier, it wouldn’t be a simulator! stupid!
– Justo Callander, explaining why everything needs to be terrible in Mining and Tunnelling Simulator

0_0 oooh he said “Afro-American” that’s racist.
– generaldgoon, who prefers “black” thank you very much

You guys are dumbass, everyone knows the neo geo has awesome sound, it’s the emulator you dumbasses are using that messes it up.
– SitarKnight, on a video where the description and commentary states the emulator was messing up the sound

What’s this ? Another shitheaded goon spreading his filth all over our sacred Youtube ? Get the fuck out of here, and post your shit on polsy or wherever the fuck you cocksuckers post your garbage.
And no, i will not be fucking banned for this post, you bitch.
– karry299, who is just plain mad

next time when you are doing a demonstration, keep your mouth shut
– ryanc519, who really should be watching a longplay rather than a stream recording

Amazing how people can review a game when they don’t know the controls! You had Go To Pilot’s Station, Turn on the Main Power, Turn on the Engines, move to the Bow, Turn on the Master Power for the Bow Guns, Remove the Safeties from the Bow Guns, Turn On/Off Spotlight, Move to Mid-Ship Gunner’s Position, Turn on Master Power, Turn off Safeties, Go to Stern, turn on Master, Turn off Safeties, Reverse Course, Branch Left on River, Branch Right, Slow Down, Speed Up. That was on PC DOS though!
– HardWarUK, disapproving of Arthur’s lack of encyclopaedic knowledge on SMS military sims

your videos are shit
– TheRetroactiveGamer, telling it like it is

Just read the whole thing
– Sirkastic, the best troll on YouTube

i dont want to be rude but YOU GUYS SUCK GAINT BALLS .
if u wanna make a review of a game PLAY IT FOR A WEEK FIRST U MORON
even if not a review , you should have played it for a week before you decide to make a video about it , when i decided to make a sega genesis moonwalker walkthrough , i played that game FOR 20 YEARS
my point is if he wanted to make a video about a game he should’ve played the game for a while before making this video , this guy plays the game like it’s the 1st time he ever play it , if he have played the game before he would’ve passed the 1’st level in less than 45sec but his time is 1:06 . the bottom line is play it for a week before you make the video , and that’s the bottom line coz lordallaoy said so.
– lordallaoy, the man behind the camcorder LP of a PSP-emulated Moonwalker run

The mythical origin of Arthur’s “pub boy” moniker
– mcpartridgeboy, someone who really likes chess

Your fuck BITH!!!! O.o
– Mateus4097, whose comments are all like this

you crap…what the fuck you laughing at that game?????
– magiccrashedofficial, who does not take kindly to people laughing when things go wrong in Populous

who the hell!!! sounds like President obama….
– wesleyjc80, revealing the true identity of my guest for Joe Montana Football

The main talker in this video is a complete and total idiot of epic proportions…a fool who is lacking all common sense…
– pkrulez7, ellipsis disease victim

Common man I was expecting to watch a decent gameplay /=
– hugo182, understandingly disappointed by my California Games failure reel

you’re a fucking faggot.
– halfdead11, to the programmer of ALF

All the comments on World Class Baseball
– Various