About Arthur D Wolfe

Arthur is a pretty average Swedish man born in the mid-eighties. He has worked as a gaming journalist, freelance reporter, IT teacher, graphic designer, web developer, phone salesperson and CEO. In his free time he enjoys playing video games for the internet and programming games of his own. Apart from his formal education in journalism and web development, he also holds a security specialist diploma and has studied both criminology and sports nutrition.

He first started streaming in March of 2011 with the hilariously stupid idea of playing every single game ever released for the Sega Master System and its older brother the SG-1000. To everyone’s surprise he actually finished this library run, and proceeded to do the entire Turbografx-16 and NEO GEO libraries as well. After burning out horribly on the countless fighting games on the NEO GEO, Arthur decided to switch things up a bit and started on an alternating Horror Hour/Top 20 stream setup that lasted for the better part of a year.

At current, Arthur has switched to a more relaxed style of streaming whatever catches his fancy and inviting others to stream on the site to provide content from a variety of individuals who have joined the Loathsome Jerk community.